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Live a life of quality, comfort, security and prosperityTrust AR Homes with your aspirations

AR Hime’s (Builders in India) is fast maturing into a business with ambitious growth plans and a powerful vision of the types of development it wants to bring to market.

At AR Homes we understand that residential properties in Vijayawada are increasingly affected by the dynamism of the lifestyle that surrounds us. It is this understanding that inspires us to create spaces which nurture, shape and celebrate life.

AR Homes Groups of Companies celebrates both – our legacy and our ability to create budget homes and future-ready apartments in Vijayawada. Establishes our diversity to craft affordable housing and budget friendly apartments completed over 1 million sq.ft. Along with an additional 1.5 million sq.ft of ongoing and 16.2 million sq.ft of upcoming projects in the Lotus and Jasmin. This has enabled us to establish our supremacy among st the real estate developers & builders in India